Ophelia Personal - Our team in Amsterdam

The competent Ophelia installation and support team in Amsterdam is always at your disposal for all infrastructural challenges relating to hardware, network, WiFi, telephone or third-party software solutions. Our employees have extensive technical knowledge and regularly update it. With the Ophelia service team, you can feel in safe hands for all system questions.

We would be happy to tell you a little more about us!

Mo Hamed - Systems Specialist

Amsterdam branch
Telephone +49 521 92432-10, e-mail

How long have you been with Ophelia and what do you appreciate about Ophelia?
I started at Ophelia in January 2017. I like working with a professional team.
What are your daily challenges?
Satisfy our customers.
What are your hobbies?
Music, soccer, fishing
Your life's maxim?
What sentence can drive you up the wall?
Double standards, racism and lies
Town life or country air - what tip would you like to give?
The city for working and shopping. Country life - fresh air, wide, open spaces, a slower pace of life. Once you get used to these really quiet, wide, open spaces (Red Sea - Hurghada).