hotelbird - digital and contactless check-in/out

How would it be if your guests had the option of contactless and convenient check-in and check-out 24/7 and your costs were also sustainably reduced? Hotelbird's cloud-based and fully integrated check-in/out system enables guests to arrive and depart completely digitally and relieves your employees.

The technology takes over the exchange of information between the guest and the systems involved, such as PMS, locking system and payment - with interfaces that are already firmly connected. For you as the host, this means more flexibility and time for your guests.

One technology - countless possibilities

Just need some support? Then the express check-in is something for you. While your guests carry out their own check-in on the iPad at the reception, you take care of handing over the keys as usual.

Or you enable your customers to have a completely digital guest trip, including generating the key themselves. No matter what you choose - your guest can choose between the web, app and iPad channels as well as the stylish self-service terminal. And can switch between the different devices at any time or contact the reception.

hotelbird - Web - Online Check-in/out

hotelbird app - contactless to the room

Offer your guests complete digital independence. The hotelbird app includes the digital registration form, the mobile room key and payment. Your guests can check in and out 100% contactless. This not only makes your guests more independent, but also yourself.

hotelbird - App - digitaler Zimmerschlüssel

hotelbird terminal – an all-rounder

The hotelbird terminal - consisting of an iPad and encoder - completes your digital reception. With it, your guests have another opportunity to check in and out completely independently and intuitively directly at the hotel, to create their key and to pay. The terminal is linked to your PMS and locking system provider and is an ideal addition to the hotelbird web and app. Place the terminal elegantly on the Windfall stand, build it into your interior or benefit from the new and elegant hotelbird self-service terminal.

hotelbird - Terminal - digital bezahlen

hotelbird self-service terminal – ready for use 24 hours a day

Optimize your hotel processes inexpensively and easily with the self-service terminal. Because this bundles 5 services in one device - check-in, digital registration form, key card issue, payment and check-out. It combines all components such as iPad, encoder and key card holder in a stylish and handy housing. It not only relieves your employees 24 hours a day, but also reduces your costs.

hotelbird - Self-Service-Terminal - vereint iPad, Encoder und Key-Card-holder


CRM – Suite8 Customer Management

The basic functions of a CRM solution are collecting, analysing, networking as well as targeted utilisation of customer data. With Fidelio Suite8 CRM you will get department-overlapping and comprehensive information about your guests. When your guest telephones you, you greet him immediately with his name. You can see that he reserved a conference room or that his tickets for a special event is ready and waiting for him. All up-to-date information is immediately available.

Guest Journey

Find out more about the individual steps of a guest's journey in your hotel and how we can support you with hotelbird technology.
Guest Journey

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hotelbird web

Facts & info

  • no app download required in advance
  • contactless check-in/out
  • handling of each guest possible
  • simple user interface
  • QR code check-in pass
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / GDPR compliant
  • supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • can be used in any browser application

hotelbird app

Facts & info

  • push notification and email invitations
  • contactless check-in/out
  • digital key (mobile key)
  • contactless to the room
  • intuitive handling
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / GDPR compliant
  • supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • information about the hotel and the surrounding area

How the hotelbird app works

hotelbird Terminal

Facts & info

  • contactless check-in/out
  • no expensive hardware necessary and flexible hardware options (iPad & encoder to install yourself, iPad with windfall stand & encoder, self-service terminal case with iPad & encoder)
  • uncomplicated key card creation / multiple key cards for fellow passengers
  • PSD2 / PCI / digital registration form / GDPR compliant
  • supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems

How the hotelbird terminal works


Facts & info

  • contactless check-in/out
  • 100% of all guests are reached
  • intuitive handling
  • no app download necessary in advance
  • supports all types of bookings (OTAs)
  • compatible with all leading PMS and locking systems
  • low-maintenance operation thanks to the modular design and common, removable device components
  • own logo / design by screensaver

Technical data sheet

hotelbird partner

Locking system

  • Häfele
  • Hotek Hospitality Group
  • Messerschmitt Systems
  • SALTO Systems

Payment provider

  • SIX Payment Services
  • Stripe
  • Concardis