Intelligent cash register system specially for hotel restaurants

Keep hold of an overview in your house and save your resources. By means of fast system integration and ease of operation, the MF-POS8 is the optimal companion in your daily restaurant business.

The interface-free system integrated in Suite8 that satisfies with a wide spectrum of efficient performance characteristics enables your members of staff in the restaurant to serve quickly and skilfully.

Optimisation of operational processes

  • Interface-free integration into existing Suite8 databank
  • Direct access to your restaurant turnover via Suite8
  • Taking over guest card indices from Suite8 for invoices
  • Redeeming the vouchers from the Suite8 vouger management
  • Looking up all F&B turnover and articles in Suite8
  • Integrated table reservation module

Integration means everything – less sweat, more money in your pocket.

Your master data will be managed with ease and efficiency by means of the management software Posback. Turnover analyses and statistics can be printed quickly or exported into different file formats (e.g. Word or PDF). The perfect teamwork between Suite8

and POS8 presents itself through integrated modules, such as table reservation or the graphic transparency of your guest characteristics and F&B turnover. You can optimise your terrace business during peak seasons by connecting handhelds.